What’s a Viatarian?

What is a ViatarianA Viatarian is defined as an individual who’s is a blend of the Mediterranean, and Okinawan diet along with proper exercise. The Mediterranean & Okinawan diet is among the best diets one could be on with the most centenarians (people living to be a 100 years or longer) living in Okinawa, Sardinia as well as Costa Rica.

However, being a Viatarian is more than just diet, it’s a mind set shift as well. It is the mission of a Viatarian to get healthy and help as many people as possible along the way. Including reducing stress and living an enriched freedom- lifestyle, having the right social circle of friends, and having a purpose for every day.

To be a Viatarian you must be willing to help others live a clean healthy life-style. If you want to learn more, or become a Viatarian consultant, click on the learn more button on the home page.

To your health,

Tim Town, 
Viatarian Founder

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