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bicepThe bicep is one of the most “famous” muscles in the body.  Even in youth, kids raises their arms and flex to the mirror, or one another, as a show of who is stronger and more dominant.  When someone asks you to flex, they’re not talking about another feature – they want to see the bicep.  It’s long been used to gauge the overall fitness, and for those that want to bulk that area there are some very specific workouts that can be done to achieve max bulk in the upper arms.

Granted, these workouts are less effective on their own.  It’s best to pair them with an overall workout plan that targets the entire body. There’s no skeletal muscle that is more important than another, and it’s important to remember that fact as you work through the top 5 exercises for increasing your biceps.

The Anatomy Of The Bicep:

Before starting any workout plan you should take time to understand the muscles that you’ll be using and the role they play in your everyday life.  When you understand their function, you’ll be able to learn how to best use and manipulate those muscles during these top 5 exercises to achieve an optimal bicep workout routine.

Each bicep consist of three primary muscles; the Bicep Brachii, Coracobrachialis and Brachialisbicep

• Bicep Brachii – This segment of muscle tissue is linked to the forearm bone (the radius) and originates in the process of the scapula (shoulder blade).  This muscle tissue runs the length of the anterior side of the humerus (upper longbone of the arm) and makes up about 1/3 of the muscle mass of the upper arm.

• Coracobrachialis – This muscle, the smallest of the trifecta, attaches also to the coracoid process of the scapula with the other end attached to the humerus.  The action of this muscle draws the arm forward and toward the torso.

• Brachialis – This muscle crossed the elbow joint, originating in the lower segment of the humerus and extending to the ulna.  While part of the bicep muscle group, the brachialis is the strongest flexor of the elbow however because it only inserts on the ulna (not the radius) it cannot participate in pronation and supination of the forearm (rotation).

Top Bicep Exercise #1: Alternating Dumbbell Curl

The alternating dumbbell curl is a simple exercise that functions as a cross between a hammer curl and a standard curl.  Instead of curling one weight using both biceps, or simultaneously curling with two separate weights, the alternating curl lets you focus the intensity of the workout in each bicep separately.

Torso swinging is also common in this workout, so it’s important to once again keep your elbows tucked into the body.  Start at the same point as a standard curl with your arm fully extended however your palms will be facing in toward your body.  As the weight clears your flank you can begin to rotate your arm.  At the end of the movement your palm will be facing toward your head.

Top Bicep Exercise #2:  Standing Barbell Curl

bicepThis exercise is very much like the standing bicep curl, but instead of dumbbells, you use a barbell.  Make sure that, again, you are standing straight and that you are gripping the barbell with an underhanded grip with your hands shoulder width apart.

Again, its vitally important not to rock back and forth as you do this exercise.  Make sure that you are keeping your back and abdominal muscles tight and still, moving only your arms while keeping your elbows locked by your sides.

Although you can use a little more weight with this exercise than with the standing bicep curls, if you have to lean, rock, or use your back, then you need to lighten the weight load.

Top Bicep Exercise #3:  Seated Preacher Curls

Just like the name suggests, you will not be standing on this exercise.  You should be sitting on a preacher bench that has an inclined pad elevated in front of you.

Also, you will need an EZ bar or straight bar with a manageable amount of weight on it.  Just like the other exercises, make sure that you are only using each bicep and not your back.  This exercise is one of the fastest bicep growing exercises used in weightlifting today.

 Top Bicep Exercise #4:  Hammer Curls

This workout is very similar to the standing bicep curl, except that your palms are facing inwards, like you are using a hammer, hence the name.  You’ll want to do this workout towards the end of the other bicep exercises because help burn everything out.

You also want to do this with lower weight to feel the burn more.  Do about 3 sets of 10 repetitions.  Also, due to the burn that this exercise will cause, you may want to do it towards the end of your workout session.

Top Bicep Exercise #5:  Concentration Curlsbicep

Finally, the last of the exercises to consider to blast each bicep into some serious growth are concentration curls.  When done while
sitting, these will also limit the degree momentum plays in the execution of the exercise and place all the emphasis right on each individual bicep.  There will be no helper muscles called into play when doing concentration curls (when done properly), so this is a good one to add in at the very end of your workout when you’re really looking to finish off the biceps and fully exhaust them.

These top 5 exercises make up an amazing bicep workout routine for you to achieve great muscle gaining success.  This bicep exercise for men will help those girlie-arms turn into arms that deserves praises.  As a reminder, your body changes slowly so it will take several weeks before you can see results.  But NEVER quit!  Now, it’s time for you to begin the bicep workout so you too can enjoy a more muscular arm, lets go!

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  • Marijana

    I think of the staight bar curl as the bench press for arms. I do feel that my arms respond better to stretch exercises tho like the incline dumbell curl.
    I was told years ago that straight bar was for the length of the bicep and ez curl bar was for the peak.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Nofty Chris Noftall

      Thanks for the response! I’m a huge fan of the EZ bar curl, especialy preacher curls…nothing like making those biceps pop!!! 🙂

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