Top 5 Leg Exercises

LegEveryone wants to know what the top exercises are for building a specific body part.  Not many people take into consideration the top exercises for your legs, or even training your legs for that matter.  To be a balanced and well rounded bodybuilder, you will need a nice set of ‘wheels’ to go with the rest of your body.  Here you will find our list of the top 5 leg exercises.

Leg Exercise #1:  Barbell Squats

This exercise cannot even be debated.  Barbell Squats are the best thing you can do for overall leg development.  The barbell squat can be uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous to untrained athletes attempting too much weight, but this exercise again is essential. Squatting will work your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, leg sweep, and just about every other muscle in your legs.  Doing squats also releases a surplus amount of growth hormone.  There are many variations of the barbell squat, but the most standardized squat would be for you to place the bar above your upper back while holding your hands on the bar.  Place your feet about shoulder-width apart with your feet slightly facing outward (just find the position that is most natural to you).  Squat down to parallel or below parallel to achieve maximum contraction.  If you find you’re doing 3-inch squats, then lower the weight as much as you need to really go deep on the squats.

Leg Exercise #2:  Front SquatsLeg

Front squats may be harder and more awkward for many people to perform.  The benefits from front squatting include less spinal load on the back, more quadriceps utilization, and some ab contraction as a stabilizing muscle group.  To execute the front squat, you will need to rest the bar on your shoulder, close to your neck, but not too close that it’s choking you and not too close to mess up your balance.  Squat down in the most natural position available and squat low enough to achieve maximum contraction for better development.

Leg Exercise #3: Split Squats

Many people underestimate the effectiveness of single leg exercises such as pistol squats, stepups and lunges.  According to corrective exercise specialist Mike Robertson, exercises like these help to boost leg muscle growth, strengthen your tendons and ligaments, reduce your risk of knee and ankle injuries, and improve your balance and coordination.  Split squats are one of the toughest single leg exercises.  Place your front foot on the floor and the back one on a bench behind you.  Grab a pair of dumbbells and squat as low as you can. When you begin, these will be very tough, so use light weights.

Leg Exercise #4:  Leg Extensions

LegLeg extensions are one of most people’s favorite exercises, especially males.  Why?  Because leg extensions are known for providing some nasty tone, and development of the different areas of the quadriceps and also help in the formation of the famous “tear drop”.

Generally leg extensions are performed on a machine specifically made for them.  Some machines are done utilizing the built in weights, and others still allow regular weights to be placed on them to increase the weight.  We always recommend going the old school way and placing your own 24-45 lbs weight or whatever you feel works for you, rather than you using the cable systems.

Leg Exercise #5:  Leg Curl

The leg curl is an essential secondary lift in your workout in order to isolate your hamstrings.  The leg curl/Romanian deadlift combo is sure to cause some sore hamstrings and some huge results!  Between the two you can expect more mass, more strength, and more definition.  The leg curl can be performed by anyone from beginners to advanced weight lifters.

Typically leg curls are performed on a leg curl machine.  When using the leg curl machine lay down on your stomach, put your legs in the leg locks, and pull your ankles towards your butt.  Experience the power of an intense leg curl, and you’ll leave wanting more!

Training your legs is extremely important, yet often overlooked, aspect of any workout.  Many people avoid leg training as it can be extremely draining and physically demanding, but whether you’re a bodybuilder, competitive athlete, or just want to look good on the beach, leg training is vital.

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