Benefits Of pH Balanced Diet

Benefits Of pH Balanced DietA pH diet is meant to help keep a good balance of acid and alkaline in your body.  A good, or “neutral” balance is 7.35.  A pH of 1 is the most acidic and a pH of 14 is the most alkaline.  When your body is in a constant state of acidosis, meaning your pH is too low, it is difficult to stay healthy and energetic, advises Brendan Brazier, author of “Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide.  ” Some foods such as bell peppers, melons and leafy green veggies are alkaline-forming in the body, whereas others like pasta, white rice and cheese are highly acid-forming. Some pH diets advocate an 80- to 20-percent balance of alkaline– to acid-forming foods.

Benefits Of A pH Diet:

The body functions optimally when its pH level is somewhat alkaline, and scientists have discovered that as the body becomes more acidic, a person’s health gets worse.  When people eat foods that create a more acidic internal environment, bacteria and viruses can take charge and wreak havoc.  Bacteria and yeast infections tend to prosper in acidic environments, so if you are not utilizing the foods on the pH balance diet, you may unwittingly be increasing your vulnerability to illness.

High pH Levels Greater Energy:

When your body isn’t working so hard to keep the balance of its acidity, you will have more energy to spare for your life.  Think about it, when you run your car for some time in the idle position, it isn’t going anywhere, but it’s still using gas.  If you were to actually stop idling, you would get more from the gas in the tank.

The same can be said for the introduction of a pH balanced diet.  When the body doesn’t have to spend so much time getting rid of waste and of fungus, then this energy can be used for other tasks – like exercising and enjoying your life.  Many people who have tried the pH Diet have noticed a marked difference in their energy levels due to the fact they can sleep better when they are eating this healthy diet.  Instead of spending your time in bed digesting foods, your body can focus on repairing itself and restoring good health.

Greater pH Greater Immune System:

It makes sense that when your body is spending all of its time restoring balance, it doesn’t have time to focus on other things – like your immune system strength.  If you want to have a strong immune system and fewer diseases, you need to have a balance of pH in the body.  When the body expends all of its energy and resources just to be ‘normal,’ you may not be able to fight off the latest cold or flu.

With high nutrient foods that nourish the body, as the pH Diet provides, you will have all of the energy available to boost your white blood cell response as well as to help the immune system respond quickly to any viruses or bacteria.  Instead of having a delayed response from your immune system which might not help you fend off a cold, your newly balanced body will be able to stop immune attacks before they even cause a symptom.

Benefits Of pH Balanced DietpH Testing Tools:

pH papers can be a very effective tool for monitoring our pH balance system, and pH testing provides us with a way to take a more proactive role in our health. We can detect and correct the pH imbalances and electrolyte deficiencies in our systems before they manifest as symptoms of disease.  The pH tests are easy, quick and painless.  All you need are the correct pH papers and the instructions for interpreting your results.  You will need pH papers that measure between 5.5 and 8.0 for proper testing.

Optimizing your health with a pH balanced diet is the natural way to obtain healthy living for a long time.  You must opt for a good pH balanced diet in order to live your life to the fullest and avoid stress.

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