Health Benefits: Alkalizing Foods

Health Benefits: Alkalizing Foods Health Benefits: Alkalizing Foods

Alkalizing the body is actually a key step to promoting overall health.  There are many health benefits associated with higher alkaline levels in the body.  Over time, acidity builds up in the body creating an imbalance.  If you think about it, everything that we consume and the toxins that we are exposed to all contribute to high levels of acidity in the body.  This can cause a number of negative health conditions.  Arthritis, high blood pressure, fatigue, and sleeplessness are just a few of the symptoms that result from a pH imbalance in the human body.

Alkalizing is important because the cells in our bodies need to maintain their natural alkaline balance in order to stay healthy.  The pH levels in our bodies are changed by the food we eat, the stress we endure, and even the water we drink.  Our health suffers as a result.  Most people have high acid levels and do not even realize it.  Research has shown that there are many benefits when alkalizing the body.  Your blood pressure will stay at healthier levels, you will have more energy, and your bone and digestive systems will function better.

The Importance Of An Alkalizing Diet:

A diet high in alkalizing foods also means that one has more energy to tackle the daily stresses and less disease in many respects.  On the Alkaline Diet you might just find that some of the things that have ailed you disappears overnight.  Symptoms  like acid reflux, indigestion, IBS, allergies, hay fever, gout, arthritis, athletes foot, constipation and more can disappear literally overnight on this diet.

Too get the best benefits out of alkalizing, there are things that you can do to get more alkaline into your body, and certain things that you should avoid.

Items To Avoid If You Want To Get The Most Out Of Alkalizing:

* Sodas – cold drinks like Coke and other sodas are really acidifying
* Microwaved foods – the microwave changes the chemical structure of any food  you cook in itHealth Benefits: Alkalizing Foods
* Red meat – substitute red meat for fish or turkey and eat less often

Items To Add To Get More Benefit Out Of Your Alkalizing Diet:

* Have the juice of a lemon or lime each day, one tablespoon full at a time in a glass of water
* Drink more water – at least 8 glasses a day
* Eat more green leafy vegetables – raw, cooked or steam fried
* Add more spices to your food e.g. cinnamon, curry, ginger, garlic, caynne pepper – all of these are excellent for your health

Alkalizing For Vitality:

Another benefit of eating higher alkalizing foods is the presence of enzymes.  Alkaline foods, particularly in their natural state, can increase your energy and vitality.  These foods contain enzymes, which are powerful substances that act as catalysts in the body. Enzymes do the work of running all the body’s systems and protect you from health dangers.  When you eat a diet high in alkaline foods, your body will work more efficiently and you will have spare energy.

Health Benefits: Alkalizing Foods Alkalizing To Cleanse:

Alkalizing foods are also beneficial because of their cleansing effect on the body.  Many of these food choices contain large amounts of fiber and help cleanse the digestive system.  Built-up toxins are released when alkalizing foods create a positive state of health within the body.  Mucous, which can encourage disease, is formed when acidic foods are consumed.  Choose alkaline foods to break down and eliminate internal mucous for a cleansing, healing effect.

The old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” was not just a way to get you to eat apples.  It was a way to get you to eat healthy.  Your parents told you to eat your veggies but they didn’t tell you why.  Now you know that the green veggies that you tried to feed to the dog under the table were actually vital alkalizing foods that your body needs.

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