Meditation To Relieve Stress And Anxiety

Meditation To Relieve Stress And AnxietyMeditation To Relieve Stress And Anxiety:

Meditation is a group of mental training techniques.  You can use meditation to improve mental health and capacities, and also to help improve the physical health.  Some of these techniques are very simple, so you can learn them from a book or an article; others require guidance by a qualified meditation teacher.

Benefits Of Meditation:

    • Physical Benefits ~ Through deep-breathing, which is the backbone of any meditation practice, muscle fatigue and tension are reduced by increasing the circulation of oxygen to the muscles.  Meditation has also been proven to lower high blood cholesterol due to its stress reducing benefits.  Meditation also helps to strengthen the immune system and reduces the occurrence of pain, insomnia and headaches.  Another major physical benefit of meditation is unlimited energy.  Meditation helps you to create an eternal and infinite flow of pure life force energy.  Our incredible universe has enough energy to keep all the stars in the sky moving and flowing in perfect harmony for billions of years, so it definitely has more than enough energy for you as well and meditation will help you tap into it permanently. 
    • Emotional BenefitsLess irritability, reduction in the “fight or flight” response, and more emotional self-control.  Meditation can bring perspective when confronted with a crisis thus making the crisis more manageable.  Managing our modern daily lives can become quite overwhelming when you factor in traffic jams, work related stress, toxicity overload and seemingly unmanageable schedules.  Taking a small amount of daily time to meditate can bring the perspective you need to manage your busy schedule and bring back a feeling of “I can handle this”.  Meditation will allow your senses to be heightened and aroused even during routine tasks, making your day more enjoyable.  You will start enjoying the subtleties of life again like the smell of fresh laundry or the feel of the road as you drive or the color of the morning sky.  Learning to integrate all the senses in your daily life, through meditation, will bring a myriad of emotional benefits and fullness to your life and help you become a better observer.  By being a better observer you can respond to situations rather than react, meaning you can act appropriately when you feel inspired or compelled to and in perfect timing.

Types Of Meditation ?

There are several types of meditation techniques include mindfulness/awareness (focus on object/insight), contemplative (focus onMeditation To Relieve Stress And Anxiety a prayer or concept), transcendental (focus on mantra), visualization (focus on symbolic mental image), walking (focus on feet touching floor), body-scan (body awareness), loving-kindness (cultivate love) and tonglen (cultivate compassion).

Meditations have tremendous benefits for stress management and overall health as you can see from above.  While there are many different meditations that are effective, each brings something unique, and some meditations may feel more comfortable for you than others.  The meditations that feel right are the ones to try, as those are the ones you will continue to practice.  The meditation tips listed above are some of the most popular, effective, and enjoyable meditations for stress relief; try several, and see what type of meditation works best for you.  Then practice regularly and let your chosen meditations transform your life. The more you practice how to meditate, the more you will be able to deal with things that would have bothered you in the past.  These simple meditation exercises have allowed me to reduce stress and aggression from my life so if you find this article helpful be sure to leave a comment and share with a loved one 🙂

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