Nutritional Value Of Purple Potatoes!

Nutiritonal Value Of Purple Potatoes

Nutritional Value Of Purple Potatoes:

Potatoes are a very popular food source,and one of my favorites, but are they really healthy for you?  Potatoes are actually very healthy for you!  Unfortunately, many people eat potatoes in the form of oily french fries or potato chips and even baked potatoes which are usually mixed with fats such as cheese, butter, and sour cream that makes it a potential contributor to heart attack.

But keep away from deep fryer and extra fat, potatoes are a very healthy low-calorie and high fiber food that offer significant protection against several disease and keep the body healthy.

Potatoes And Brain Function:

Proper brain function largely depend on oxygen supply, glucose level, magnesium, some members of the vitamin B complex and some hormones, such as amino acids and fatty acids like omega-3 fatty acids.  Potatoes meet almost all the needs mentioned above.  In addition, it contains certain other substances like zinc and phosphorus which are good for brain too.

Potatoes And Vitamin B6:

Vitamin B6, that is known to cure about a hundred health diseases, is also present in them.  Among its other benefits are the prevention from heart diseases, kidney stones, premenstrual syndrome, mental depression, etc.  The presence of vitamin B6 in potatoes, makes them an ideal ingredient in the meals for athletes.  Allergies and reduction in strength of the immune system, caused due to insufficient Vitamin B6 in your diet, can also be made up with their consumption.

Potatoes And Vitamin C:

Potatoes also offer health benefits due to their vitamin content.  Vitamins play an essential role in your health, as they prove essential to many cellular functions required for proper tissue development, maintenance and function.  Potatoes provide a rich source of vitamin C, with one potato containing 45 percent of your recommended daily intake.  Vitamin C helps maintain your bone, blood vessels, skin and other organ systems by promoting the formation of collagen, and may also prevent coronary heart disease andNutiritonal Value Of Purple Potatoes stroke.  Consuming potatoes contributes to your daily intake of vitamin C and, therefore, helps keep your body healthy and strong.

Potatoes And Blood Pressure:

Researchers at the Institute for Food Research in Norwich have found blood-pressure lowering molecules in potatoes called kukoamines.  Traditional Chinese Medicine uses a plant, Lycium chinense – which also contains kukoamines – as a tea to lower blood pressure.  While the precise quantity of potatoes you’d need to eat for a therapeutic effect has still to be measured, it is thought that a few good servings of potatoes a day would have some blood-pressure lowering activity.

Purple Potatoes?

What about purple potatoes?  Although less popular than their white counterparts, purple potatoes — increasingly available at supermarkets, specialty food stores and farmers’ markets — boast higher levels of polyphenol antioxidants that protect body cells against free radical damage that can increase disease risk.

If potatoes are so nutritional, where does the fault lie?  The fault lies in the way people cook or eat them.  We prepare a salty, fried and fatty snack out of them.  The skin which contains most of the nutrients is peeled off.  While cooking, most of the vitamin C is lost. It is better to eat them baked, than fried or grilled ones.  If this article on potatoes was helpful, please leave a comment right below my bio or hit the share button to share with your friends :-)

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Nutiritonal Value Of Purple Potatoes

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