Good Fats?

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Good Fats?

good fats viatarianWhen you use the phrase, “good fats”, the word oxymoron comes to mind.  When you are trying to lose wait or just eat for health, the first thing you eliminate is fat, and it is hard to believe that any fat could be good for you.  Everyday we hear that fat causes illness and shortens our lives, so how could it be possible that any fat could be good for you.  Good fats can actually be used to aid in weight loss,  and keep your heart healthy.

What are Good Fats?

When you are looking for good fats, go for unsaturated fats, such as, monounsaturated fat, or polyunsaturated fat.  Unsaturated fats have been linked to lowering cholesterol, therefore, reducing your risk of heart disease.  Unsaturated fats are also getting credit for fighting belly fat.  These power-house good fats help satisfy hunger and prevent us from making bad choices or over-eating.  Finding these good fats isn’t difficult.  Unsaturated fats can be found in cold water fish such as salmon, nuts, avocados, and olive or flax seed oil.  If you have trouble incorporating these good fats into your daily diet, you can take supplements, such as fish oil, or flax seed oil.

Good Fats for Life

Good fats have been linked to longevity and good quality of life.  When checking labels steer clear of trans fats COMPLETELY!  Trans fats are the deadliest fats in our foods and they are mainly man-made.  You can recognize these fats in the list of ingredients on food labels; they will be listed as hydrogenated oils.  Trans fats clog arteries, raise cholesterol and contribute to obesity.  The second bad guy is saturated fats.  These fats are typically found in red meat, and poultry skin.  Saturated fats are not as deadly as trans fats, but should be limited, as they contribute to heart disease and obesity as well.  Good fats can help you lose weight, fend off heart disease, and help you live longer.



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    Yes I love my fish oils that I take everyday…nothing beats omegas from ViSalus…they rock!!! Love the article Lori!!!!

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