is your environment toxicIs Your Environment Toxic?

Would you knowingly use a product every day if you knew it was hazardous to your health? The answer to the question is obvious. However our society seems to be using these products daily which are truly toxic.So, your asking yourself ,what is this BAD product? It is plastic, Plastic contaminates most of our food with the chemicals BPA and NPH. The danger plastic presents lies in these ingredients used to produce it. When plastic is heated chemicals leach out of the plastic and into our food and make it toxic.

 Who is at risk  for these Toxic chemicals BPA and NPH?

Quite Simply, everyone is at risk! The population most at affected is our young-especially infants and children.Their health is very delicate – the slightest interruption can have a lifetime effect. Most baby bottles and toddler cups contain BPA. As a mom, it is important to read the lables and make sure the bottles,bowls, and utensils are BPA and NPH free. keep in mind that heat from hot liquids, and heat from the outside environment will still make plastics toxic. that’s why I keep the water Iam going to drink every day  in a GLASS gallon jug and  pour it into a stainless steel container to limit how toxic my body is.

The Top 7 Toxic Plastics:

All plastic is coded with a number at the bottom of the item, you can locate it by a symbol and a number. The symbol is a triangle and the number is either in the center or on the side of it. You may see an abbreviation of the category, for example PP.  Each type of plastic has a name, but what’s important for you to know is, what number is safe and what is not. Use 1,2,4,and 5 withe some caution never reheat or reuse the plastic! Avoid all plastics with the code 3,6,and 7 just don’t use these products.Remember all plastic can be toxic.

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