Unhealthy Office Habits, All In Your Control!

unhealthyIt is common for people to be health conscious at home and unhealthy when it comes to the office.  When we are at home, we have all the time in the world to follow a decidedly healthy lifestyle.  But in office when we are under pressure, all our unhealthy habits come back.  It might be your unhealthy eating habits at work place that are making you fat.  Listed below are some unhealthy office habits that can seriously hinder your weight loss efforts.

Unhealthy Office Habit #1: Unhealthy Desk Snacks

Most of the snacks that we munch on our work desk are deep fried or salted.  Our terrible eating habits while working is one of the major reasons for putting on weight.  Carry a separate box full of fresh fruits and vegetables so that you have something healthy to munch during working hours.  If you want to lose weight fast then you will have to move towards square meals and healthy snacks.

Unhealthy Office Habit #2:  Drinking Soda vs. Water

One of the most plentiful resources in the office is usually the one that gets ignored the most.  Drinking water should be a constant part of your workday.  Not only does it keep your body and mind working efficiently, it also curbs your appetite so you will be less likely to munch on unhealthy snacks. It’s tempting to seek an energy boost from soda, but drink water regularly throughout the day.  If you need an afternoon pick-me-up, try a cup of tea instead of a soft drink.

Unhealthy Office Habit #3:  Long Work Days

It always feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get your work done especially in today’s depressed economy.  Working long days is one of the most unhealthy habits that you can possess.  By incorporating a healthy work-life balance you will feel more energized, not to mention productive!  Try to limit your work hours to a manageable number,and do your best to set boundaries between hoUnme and the office.  Don’t take work calls after hours, and make your evenings fun and fulfilling enough to take your mind off your busy day.

Unhealthy Office Habit #4:  Gossipunhealthy

There is nothing more annoying that gossip running rampant throughout the office.  This was one of my biggest pet peeves while
working in corporate america and it is completely unhealthy as it relates to your team and the office environment.  Do not take part in any of that office drama.  There is a legitimate reason behind ‘gossip’ making it to the list of unhealthy habits at work.  You might become friends with your colleagues and have a wild night out on the town.  But do not speak about the night and its occurrences with others at work.  It’ll do major harm to the feeling of wellbeing and peace that you may have otherwise been enjoying at your workplace.

Unhealthy Office Habit #5:  Typing

Typing…really…you betcha!  The worst nightmare for a writer is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  This unhealthy condition would cause for unimaginable pain and discomfort in the fingers, wrists and hand region.  It is generally caused by typing excessively.  When it comes to your typing position, your forearms should be extending out at a 90 degree angle from your upper arms.  The rest of your body should be relaxed and straight.  Also remember not to hit that keyboard too furiously (not even if you’re bitching about the boss) 😉


Additional unhealthy bad habits include self sabotage, lashing out at co-workers, as well as working to the point that you live an imbalanced, unhealthy lifestyle.  Lets face it, life is short.  You owe it to yourself to slow down, take a break and smell the roses 🙂

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