What Is Essante Organics?

What Is Essante Organics?What Is Essante Organics?

Essante Organics commitment to quality is paramount.  We hold the highest sourcing and selection standards.  If an ingredient does not pass our strict criteria during the process, at any stage, from the agricultural level to the final inspection process, it is rejected.  Once each ingredient is approved the end result is perfection:  Each product we deliver is superiorly pure, safe and clean.  Each product we deliver does no harm to people, animals or the planet.  Each product we delver is a 100% certified Toxic Free product we are all extremely proud of and are compelled to not only consume but promote, because not to consume and promote the health benefits would cause harm.

Essante Organics Ingredients:

We are one of only 6 companies in the world to receive the prestigious Toxic Free Foundation seal (TFF).  The TFF is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to recognizing companies who promote organic ingredients and who educate the public about toxic ingredients in products, their ability to penetrate the skin/systems and accumulate in the body, and their transference into the environment where they continue to cause toxic consequences. The TFF tests and certifies ingredients that are 100% free from toxins. All of Essante Organics ingredients are held to this strict standard.

Is Essante Organics 100% Chemical Free?

Each ingredient is verified through 3rd party certifiers who set the benchmark in organic standards worldwide and/or who specialize in the inspection of organic agricultural products and/or who monitor environmentally friendly agricultural methods of production.  Essante Organics is committed to strict methods of production for each and every ingredient to keep all of our products 100% chemical free.

Does Essante Organics Contain Sucralose or Aspartame?What Is Essante Organics?

NO!! Essante Organics products contain stevia instead of sugar for sweetness (with the exception of Power Pops and Kids pops which are sweetened with 2 grams of raw, unprocessed, non-gmo, brown, cane sugar).  Stevia is a small plant from the sunflower family.  The leaves are a zero-calorie sweetener source considered healthier and sweeter than sugar (sucrose).  Studies show stevia can be beneficial as an anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, anti-glycemic, anti-hypertensive, anti-aging ingredient.  It may help with high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic fatigue, indigestion, heartburn, weight loss, immunity, healing, concentration, oral health, hair growth, bone strength and withdrawal from alcohol & tobacco.

Essante Organics products use the highest quality and sources of vegan protein on earth, including quinoa protein, brown rice protein and yellow pea protein. All Essante Organics products are vegan with 4 exceptions: Omega 3,6,9 Vital oils (which contain anchovy, mackerel and sardine oil), Bee Natural tabs (which contain bee pollen) capsule products (which contain gelatin), and Lip Balms (which contains beeswax).  Our ingredients are raw, in the sense we do not use heat during formulation.  Our ingredients come from whole foods thus ensuring maximum absorption, co-factoring and health benefits.

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