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Is Sugar Toxic?

First fat was the enemy, then it was salt and now sugar.  A recent episode of 60 Minutes titled “Is Sugar Toxic” had folks buzzing over Twitter and whispering at the water cooler, but is sugar really the enemy or is this yet another nutrient that’s being needlessly blackballed? Sugar Stats: Data reveals that Americans are consuming 130 pounds of sugar per […]

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The Health Benefits Of Kale

Many people ask, what is kale?  The health benefits of kale are being reported in major outlets, whether the general media or scientific journals.  The light that is currently being shed on kale is that it is one of the most potent health promoting vegetables known to man.  Kale is similar to other nutritional powerhouses, […]

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Flaxseed Health Benefits

What Is Flaxseed: Flaxseed oil is an excellent supplement that supports the body’s vital systems.  It is rich in the omega-3 essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid, or ALA.  Although omega-3s are crucial to human health, they are not manufactured by the body, so it’s important to get a steady supply through dietary sources and supplements. […]

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Pomegranate: Health Benefits and Polyphenols

Pomegranate: Health Benefits and Polyphenols Not just a delicious fruit, pomegranate has some impressive health benefits.  Whether fresh in its natural state or in the form of juice, extract, oil, or even dried and used as a spice as it is in India, pomegranate is relatively low in calories, making it a choice addition to […]

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Angina: Signs and Symptoms

Angina, also known as angina pectoris, is a painful but temporary heart condition caused primarily by constriction of veins and arteries.   Once these blood vessels become tight, the heart’s oxygen supply is reduced and the result is pain in the chest, jaw, neck, throat or arms. The pain usually subsides once the blood flow is restored. In essence, angina is […]

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Glycemic Index Weight Loss Plan

Glycemic Index Weight Loss Plan: As a type 1 diabetic, the glycemic index is near and dear to my heart, but what is it exactly?  The Glycemic Index (GI) is a numerical scale used to indicate how fast and how high a particular food can raise our blood glucose (blood sugar) level.  A food with a […]

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Vitamin E Effectiveness With Lowering LDL Cholesterol

Vitamin E Effectiveness With Lowering LDL Cholesterol? Vitamin E helps maintain immune function and normal blood flow and is an antioxidant that protects body cells from breakdown that leads to chronic diseases.  While dietary vitamin E plays a role in protecting health, there is no clear evidence that vitamin E supplements have any protective benefits.  In […]

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A Natural Way To Lower Your Cholesterol…With Food?

The stories you have heard about cholesterol are true.  Some foods can actually help lower your cholesterol.  Talk about welcome news when managing your cholesterol levels and trying to slow plaque buildup in your arteries.  And we’re talking about regular, everyday stuff here.  In fact, you’ve probably got at least one of these cholesterol lowering foods at home right […]

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