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Is Sugar Toxic?

First fat was the enemy, then it was salt and now sugar.  A recent episode of 60 Minutes titled “Is Sugar Toxic” had folks buzzing over Twitter and whispering at the water cooler, but is sugar really the enemy or is this yet another nutrient that’s being needlessly blackballed? Sugar Stats: Data reveals that Americans are consuming 130 pounds of sugar per […]

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Binge Eating Disorder ~ What You Need To Know

Binge eating disorder typically includes periods of excessive overeating.  However, a person with a binge eating disorder does not subsequently induce purging (vomiting), as is the case with bulimia. Binge eating can occur on its own, or alongside other disorders or conditions, such as Prader-Willi disorder, or a lesion of the hypothalamus gland. Signs Of Binge […]

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What Is Propyl Gallate

What Is Propyl Gallate? There are a number of  reason why I personally avoid fast food and that’s due to propyl gallate.  Manufacturers add propyl gallate to food products, including vegetable oil, mayonnaise, meat, soup, dried milk, spices, candy, snack foods, vitamins and chewing gum. Propyl gallate also is a common additive to pet food.  The personal […]

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Micronutrients and Macronutrients?

Micronutrients and Macronutrients?  I field a lot of questions asking what are micronutrients?  Here you go guys, I hope you enjoy!   Micronutrients are different from macronutrients (like carbohydrates, protein and fat) because they are necessary only in very tiny amounts.  Nevertheless, micronutrients are essential for good health, and micronutrient deficiencies can cause serious health problems.  Micronutrients […]

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