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Is Sugar Toxic?

First fat was the enemy, then it was salt and now sugar.  A recent episode of 60 Minutes titled “Is Sugar Toxic” had folks buzzing over Twitter and whispering at the water cooler, but is sugar really the enemy or is this yet another nutrient that’s being needlessly blackballed? Sugar Stats: Data reveals that Americans are consuming 130 pounds of sugar per […]

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Flu Shot Safety Concerns

Have you gotten your flu shot this year?  Influenza is a deadly infectious disease that returns every year, threatening young and old alike.  According to the federal Centers for Disease Control, the virus kills on average 36,000 Americans annually, a terrible toll—almost as many as die from auto accidents, but what about flu shot safety […]

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Benefits Of Green Tea Extract

Of all the nutritional supplements you can take, green tea extract is probably one of the most well studied.  Much of the interest surrounds its high levels of antioxidants, ingredients believed to destroy cancer-causing free radicals.  Green tea extract is available in capsule, tablet, or liquid form at your pharmacy or online. Green Tea Extract […]

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Is Sucralose Safe?

Sucralose is an artificial sweetener that is nearly 600 times sweeter than the ordinary (table) sugar.  It contains zero calories and hence, is popular as a zero-calorie sweetener.  It is widely used by diet and weight conscious people all over the world.  Sucralose is sold under the brand name Splenda, which is commonly available in […]

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Benefits Of pH Balanced Diet

A pH diet is meant to help keep a good balance of acid and alkaline in your body.  A good, or “neutral” balance is 7.35.  A pH of 1 is the most acidic and a pH of 14 is the most alkaline.  When your body is in a constant state of acidosis, meaning your pH […]

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Nutritional Value Of Purple Potatoes!

Nutritional Value Of Purple Potatoes: Potatoes are a very popular food source,and one of my favorites, but are they really healthy for you?  Potatoes are actually very healthy for you!  Unfortunately, many people eat potatoes in the form of oily french fries or potato chips and even baked potatoes which are usually mixed with fats such as […]

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