Benefits of a Good Nights Sleep

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Benefits of a good nights sleepWhen we think about our general, overall health we rarely consider the benefits of a good nights sleep.  If you are anything like me you assume that by not smoking, over indulging in alcohol, and keeping your weight in a healthy range that you are giving your body what it needs to perform at its optimum potential.  You would be surprised how many people have no idea that by being sleep deprived, they are causing their body harm.  The benefits of a good night sleep make this health tip a no-brainer!

Only 6-8 Hours to feel the Benefits of a Good Nights Sleep

The average amount of sleep a person needs to feel the benefits of a good nights sleep varies from person to person, but most experts recommend between 6-8 hours per night.  I know a lot of you will claim that you good to bed at 8pm and get up at 5am and still do not feel rested.  Most of us go to bed at a decent hour, but do we actually go to sleep at a decent hour?  I do not have a television in my room but many people do, and they crawl in bed and watch it for a few hours, or, some people catch up on reading from their bed.  When you get in bed, go to sleep!  You can’t feel the benefits of a good nights sleep if you don’t actually go to sleep.

Health Benefits of a Good Nights Sleep

The health benefits of a good nights sleep are numerous.  When you are lacking in sleep it stresses the body in more ways than one.  Stress can lead to high blood pressure which can harm your heart.  Stress can lower your immunity, making it easier to get sick.  Lack of sleep can also make you moody and take a toll on your professional and personal relationships.  Getting a good nights sleep can save your life.  If you work with heavy machinery, or have to drive long distances, a good nights sleep will keep you alert.

Weight Benefits of a Good Nights Sleep

Many people don’t know that the benefits of a good nights sleep include weight loss!  When you don’t get enough sleep your body produces more of the hormone, ghrelin.  This hormone stimulates hunger, and when we are overly hungry, we make the wrong food choices and therefore, gain weight.  Weight gain can lead to obesity and diabetes, among many other illnesses.  I also know that when I am well rested I have more energy for the gym and can burn more calories.   With so many benefits of a good nights sleep, make it a priority to get your 6-8 hours every night!




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