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heartburn helpHeartburn Help

Everyone you talk to these days seems to be affected, or know someone who is affected by heartburn, and is looking for remedies and heartburn help.  Heartburn is a condition where to much acid is present in the stomach, causing pain and sometimes acid re-flux, where the acid from the stomach travels up the esophagus causing coughing and pain, asthma,trouble swallowing,  and conditions of the esophagus that could eventually lead to cancer.   I have been a heartburn sufferer since the birth of my children.  I experienced heartburn while pregnant, and over 20 years later, still have the issue.  Over the years, I have tried many different remedies, and searched out heartburn help.

Preventative Heartburn Help

Heartburn help begins with prevention.  If you never get heartburn, you won’t need help!  Seems simple, but quite honestly, the list of foods and drink that cause heartburn are on my top 10 go to list.  Imagine trying to avoid coffee, orange juice, tomato sauce, spicy foods, chocolate, alcohol, and soda.  This is the short list of things that are the top culprits that cause heartburn.  If you are a heartburn sufferer already, be wary of eating, or drinking too many of these things.  If you have never had heartburn, keep these things to a minimum daily, anyway, because at any time, you can become one of the growing number of people that suffer from heartburn.  If you get heartburn more than a few days a week, chances are you are suffering from acid re-flux, and you should seek medical attention for  advice and heartburn help.

Heartburn Help and Lifestyle Change

A small change in your lifestyle can beneficial when seeking out heartburn help.  If you are overweight and you experience heartburn, losing some weight can help lessen heartburn symptoms.  The extra weight you are carrying around your middle is putting pressure on your stomach, causing acid to back up and cause re-flux.  Try eating smaller meals, and walking right after dinner to get your digestive system moving the food along.  If you are a coffee drinker, add a little bit of food with your cup of joe.  By food, I don’t mean your typical doughnut, but maybe a piece of toast, or small low-fat cookie.  This can help absorb the acid in the coffee and the acid in your stomach.  Take it easy on sodas and some sports drinks too, they are acidic and can cause a nasty flare up.  For most flare ups you can chew a couple of antacids and it will nix the pain.  If the pain continues, and antacids don’t help, contact your doctor and discuss the other options for heartburn help.

heartburn help

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