How to Combat a Weight Loss Plateau

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weight loss plateauHow to Combat a Weight Loss Plateau

First of all, let’s define a weight loss plateau.  A weight loss plateau is that moment in your effort to lose weight that the scale simply won’t budge.  You are working out diligently, eating a balanced diet, and drinking plenty of water, but after a couple of months, you get on the scale and , nothing.  Many people begin to fail right there.  Nothing is more discouraging than working your tail off at the gym, watching everything you eat, and then seeing no progress.  It’s too easy to say, “I’ve tried everything and I’m still not losing weight, I give up.”  When you hit a weight loss plateau you have to dig deep and shake things up a little.

Eating Through a Weight Loss Plateau

When you hit a weight loss plateau you can be tempted to eat less.  The truth of the matter is you may not be eating enough, or eating at the right times, and a small adjustment can mean big numbers.  For example, a 40 year old woman should consume 1800 to 2200 calories per day.  If you are active, you should consume closer to the 2200 calorie marker.  If you are active and not consuming enough calories, your body could go into starvation mode, and hold onto fat for fear it may need it in the future.  On the other end of the spectrum, if you ARE NOT active, you should consume the lower calorie allowance to lose weight.  Your body will not require as much fuel as the body of an active woman.  Many of us also make the mistake of being to calorie restrictive early in the day and we are famished in the evening.  You should always front end load your calories, meaning, eat a bigger breakfast, and scale down the  rest of the day.  We use up the calories throughout the day instead of eating more in the evening, and just going to bed.  Small tweaks in your eating patterns can help you break a weight loss plateau.

Change Your Walk to a Run to Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau

Many people who hit a weight loss plateau don’t realize that they are becoming more fit, and therefore, their body needs more of a challenge.  I have a friend who has walked 2 miles every day for the last few months, and initially she lost weight, but now she’s complaining that the scale is not moving.  The answer to this problem is really simple. I told her to run in intervals, in other words, I said, ” Walk for 2 minutes, run 1 minute, and repeat for the full two mile stretch.  She was amazed at how quickly the scale started moving again, and she was proud of herself for becoming fit enough to run.  You can also change your work out entirely.  If you usually run on a treadmill, try a spinning class.  The body gets used to the movement that the treadmill requires and when you challenge the body to use new muscles to bicycle, it responds with weight loss and muscle strength.  A weight loss plateau can be frustrating, or it can be a new challenge, you choose.

weight loss plateau

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