How to Fight a Diet Disaster

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diet disasterMy Latest Diet Disaster

How many times do you find yourself cruising along on your diet, then WHAMMO, a pit stop to the local donut shop, and there it is, a diet disaster.  This was me today.  I woke up, had a Vi-Shake, a salad for lunch, and then made the mistake of strolling down to Tim Horton’s for coffee, only to find they have Carmel Apple Fritters, only my favorite fall treat.  Yes, I indulged.  I admit sweets are my weakness.  For some it’s fast food, others love their lattes, but when it comes to my diet disaster, it’s my sweet tooth every time!

One Way to Avoid a Diet Disaster

I could have avoided this diet disaster.  I know they sell donuts in Tim Horton’s, and I know sweets of every kind are my biggest weakness, but I chose to walk in there only to be faced with a rack full of temptation.  I could have  chosen to go through the drive- thru to pick up my coffee, avoiding the wonderful sights and smells.  If you have a terrible fast food addiction, don’t go in there!  Even the strongest will can give in and sabotage a great diet day!   Why put yourself in the position to fall prey to the marketing made to tempt you and make you order that Extra Value Meal.  The simple act of avoidance can prevent you from a major diet disaster.

Don’t Let a Diet Disaster Derail You

A diet disaster has a way of not only making you feel guilty, but making you want to give up.  We all have moments of weakness and indulge in things that we shouldn’t.  This is not the end of the world!  Don’t wait until tomorrow to start over, do it now.  Plan a walk, or a trip to the gym, or replace dinner with a Vi-Shake.  Some people make the mistake of feeling like they made one diet blunder that day, so why not make a day of it!  The time is now to fix what you broke.  A diet disaster does not mean you have failed, it just means you are human!

diet disaster


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