How to Rev Up Your Metabolism

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rev up your metabolismHow to Rev Up Your Metabolism

When it comes to weight loss, one key to success is to rev up your metabolism.  Metabolism is a term for a chemical reaction in the body that turns food into energy.  When your metabolism is sluggish, which can come from age, genetics, or a sedentary lifestyle, it becomes increasingly more difficult to lose weight.  There is a common misconception that you are doomed if you have a slow metabolism, but that is not the case.  With a few simple lifestyle changes and some tweaks to the way you eat, you can learn how to rev up your metabolism.

Eat to Rev up Your Metabolism

Many people believe that skipping meals will help them lose weight, but the truth is, to rev up your metabolism and lose weight, you need to practice eating more often.  I grew up believing that you should eat 3 meals a day.  We have since learned that for your body to perform at its peak, 6 smaller meals a day is the magic bullet.  Breakfast is the most important meal, however, because it starts the metabolism burst bright and early.  Add lean protein to each meal for the best results, because the body uses more calories to digest protein than it does to digest carbohydrates, which amps up metabolism.  Spicy foods are also known to rev up your metabolism, so add some heat to your sauces, soups and stews.

Stay Hydrated to Rev up Your Metabolism

You may not realize that plain old water can rev up your metabolism, because when you are dehydrated your metabolism slows down.    You can also drink coffee for an added metabolism boosting benefit, but better yet, add 2 to 4 cups of green tea to your daily diet for a metabolism kick start.  Energy drinks such as, Neuro, from Visalus, can be a great option for those of you who need a little extra boost of energy before or after a workout, and a great way to rev up your metabolism.

Exercise Will Rev up Your Metabolism

Strength training is a great way to rev up your metabolism because muscle mass raises your resting metabolism.  If weight lifting isn’t your forte, you can try some high intensity aerobic exercise.  The beauty of aerobic exercise is that your metabolism is elevated hours after you finish your workout.  Rev up your metabolism, NO EXCUSES!

rev up your metabolism


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